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About the

unlock_ is where Life Science and Health entrepreneurs, startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands crack open global health problems. At the Leiden Bio Science Park, unlock_ provides the startup support, structure, programs, network and the instruments you need to turn an idea into a solution.

Startups at the Leiden Bio Science Park find the keys for making humanity healthier; solutions that have a huge effect on all our well-being. These could be drug innovations, but also medical instruments, or a new technology that doesn’t exist yet.

About the

The unlock_ team is a varied bunch, with different backgrounds but they share a passion for entrepreneurship in Life Sciences and Health. Meet all the members of the unlock_ team!

Tailored to help you
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Prince’s Day: what it means for business owners

Three startups from the unlock_ Incubation community have received the NWO Take off 2 grant.

Established 35 years ago, the Leiden Bio Science Park has evolved into the Netherlands’ largest Life Sciences & Health cluster, connecting talent, researchers and entrepreneurs to work on achieving healthy lives for everyone. Within the district you will find educational and research institutions, unique facilities and valuable collaboration on the entire drug development chain.

The Leiden Bio Science Park is a hub for progress. The team focuses on the positioning of the district and its community of more than 20,000 innovators. With access to Knowledge, Innovation, Human Capital, Capital and Market, it’s streamlined to be the most efficient learning and production process between and within these learning communities.




We provide tailored entrepreneurship programs that open doors for Life Science & Health startups to the rich ecosystem of businesses, research institutions and knowledge centers at the Leiden Bio Science Park.



Entrepreneurship should be engrained in society, a valid carreer option for everyone with a great idea. unlock_ provides a place to encourage these ideas and the people behind them.



Is your idea an idea worth creating a company for? This is the central question in the pre-incubation phase. The Pre-incubation Program helps students, researchers, entrepreneurs and employees validate all their assumptions they made in their business cases.



Starting your LSH or Biotech company comes with many challenges. The goal of the Incubation Program is to support early stage founders, researchers, and employees, in successfully navigating the first stages of your startup or spin-off.



Full speed ahead, the Acceleration Program is the final program of unlock_. In this phase we find out what companies need to help them grow as fast as they possibly can.

“Today’s entrepreneurs open the door to a healthier life for humanity.”

Our mission

Make life
with ideas

Entrepreneurship is essential for the Life Science & Health sector. Today’s entrepreneurs open the door to a healthier life for people and animals in the near future. We believe that those entrepreneurs who are convinced that their ideas can make people and animals’ lives healthier, will be the ones to do just that.

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We love speaking to people with ideas, or questions. So whatever yours are, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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