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NeLL Deep Dive: quality assessments for eHealth startups

September 28, 2022 | 14.00-17.00
Join this Deep Dive on eHealth with Kasper and Margot from NeLL!

The National eHealth Living Lab (NeLL) aims to realize scientifically-proven, effective eHealth applications to become a fully-integrated part of healthcare and upscale these tools. Challenges regarding scientific research, money, policy, law and ethics all influence implementation of e-health in daily practice.

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During the Deep Dive

We will discuss and explore ethical and legal dilemmas that we face when implementing new technologies in healthcare. There are over 325,000 health applications available on the Dutch market. However, most of these apps lack evidence-based content and rigorous testing for efficacy. One of the ambitions of the National eHealth Living Lab is to evaluate eHealth applications, and to separate the wheat from the chaff. Which applications are truly reliable and effective? What is ‘good’ eHealth, and what is ‘bad’ eHealth? We aim to answer these questions based on the new CEN-ISO 82304-2 standard, which we helped develop and which is currently being implemented on both a national and European scale. Participants will gain insight in this new standard, as well as various legal and ethical dilemmas regarding the implementation of new technologies in daily clinical practice.

About the Speakers

Kasper Recourt is a Senior Researcher and Relation Manager at NeLL. After becoming a medical doctor he worked on a PhD thesis on novel approaches to treat major depressive disorder. The focus of this research shifted from novel drug targets to digital approaches to diagnose and treat depression. Following up on this interest he started working at NeLL, researching ehealth and digital health assessment frameworks.

Margot Rakers is a PhD candidate at NeLL with a medical background. She is working on her thesis on the impact of digital health on clinical outcomes in elderly patients.

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