Life Science
Incubator Leiden

Leids Goeds Festival

Let’s raise our glass to ideas that improve life. Let’s bring a toast to people who turn ideas into products. At the Leids Goeds festival you can do both. Enjoy live music, food and some drinks, and become inspired by the many initiatives to make the world a better place.

At the stands you can learn about all kinds of innovations and creative ideas, presented by the various entrepreneurs:

  • Eyesiu: Come take the Hot Pepper Taste Test and find out what Spicy score you give a Virgin Bloody Mary. Next, you get to test how your free mouth spray testbottle of the food supplement PEArlboost affects your Hot Pepper Taste Sensation.
  • MyLife Technologies: Vaccination through a painless patch? Come experience and see how this innovative technology works.
  • Reseda Life Science: Make your own all-natural personal protection products like Hand Sanitizer with Reseda’s natural and eco-friendly ingredients.
  • MAT Research: Meet the people who focus on make animal-free testing. Join the MAT Rebellion.
  • Bio-inspired Think Tank: Do you wanna experience how it is to be AGILE ? By participating in this GAME, you will discover the best flavours of being AGILE.
  • Mimetas: Get to know Mimetas in a playful way. Test your buzz wire skills with Organ on a Chip!
  • And more coming soon…


On the indoor and outdoor terrace you can catch up with friends and family while enjoying some food and a drink.

Location: BioPartner 5, De Limes 7, 2342 DH Oegstgeest

Registration is free

Nice to know: the festival is for a broad audience, so family, friends and relatives are very welcome.

This event is made possible by BioPartner, LEH and PLNT.