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Incubator Leiden

Northern lights at Naturalis

From December 1, 2022 – 18:00 to January 28, 2023 – 21:00
Naturalis, Darwinweg 2, Leiden

A dim glow and moving arcs, bundled rays and curtains of light: the northern lights are a magical experience. Experience it for yourself these winter evenings during Northern Lights at Naturalis from December 1 to January 28.


The northern lights. Many people harbor a desire to travel to the far reaches of the northern hemisphere to witness this spectacular light show. That’s why Naturalis is bringing the northern lights to Leiden this winter. An impressive, cinematic show will bathe you in light and sound. For 20 minutes, during which it will truly seem like you’re under a star-lit sky, you’ll experience all aspects of this natural phenomenon. How does it come about? What are the myths surrounding the northern lights? Northern Lights at Naturalis is a multi-sensory experience with music by Iris Hond and composer/producer Sim Fane and with the participation of astronaut André Kuipers. The choreography in the film is by Mariëlla de Jong, formerly of Scapino Ballet.

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