Life Science
Incubator Leiden

Party with Mr. Black or Mr. White!

After a thorough search campaign, Mr. White has discovered the location of Mr. Black’s top-secret Leiden lab and is gathering his forces for an all-out invasion. However, little does he know that the malicious Mr. Black is expecting the assault and has prepared accordingly. Which side will YOU be on?

Let’s celebrate!

Join us in wild celebrations on Friday 21 October 2022, from 17:00 for our 3rd Anniversary! After the huge successes of the official Launch Party in March and our previous anniversaries, this event is promising to be bigger and better than ever! Expect immersive light shows, atmospheric music, glowing cocktails, mad scientists, biohazard beer pong, and more…


Dress up as a (mad) scientist, (crazy) nurse, (evil) genius, (devious) doctor, or let your creativity run wild. Pledge your allegiance to either Mr. Black or Mr. White by wearing their colors. Are you in need of some ideas? Follow @immunowars for daily outfit inspiration. In addition, Studio Tessa will be ready to paint glowing & radiant artworks on your face. Get ready for FREE DRINKS & FOOD, all night long.


Patient Zero: €15 – Be among the first to join Mr. Black or Mr. White for a night to never forget!

2nd Wave: €18 – You still have your chance to join the IW Festival spectacle!

Very Infectious Person: €50 – Spend the evening in style & receive a special surprise gift package!

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What is ImmunoWars?

Infect Your Friends in ImmunoWars ‘The Most Infectious Card Game’: a highly strategic game based on science, medicine, and real world monsters called ‘viruses and bacteria’. The game is a mixture of dark humor, entertainment, cool visual content, unique mechanics, and amazing educational value. It is played by 2-6 players from which only one can be the last survivor.

Have no mercy by causing mass outbreaks, sneezing over people, and initiate biowarfare by spreading HIV, salmonella, ebola, chlamydia, hepatitis, and much more! Want to be the last one standing? Protect yourselves by using labgear, vaccines, medicine, and a strong immune system!

ImmunoWars is out since 25 March 2022 after being successful on Kickstarter thanks to all our supporters! The game is developed and produced in The Netherlands, and all information in the game is 100% scientifically accurate to make it a reflection of the real world. Learn what infections exist on planet Earth, and what can be done, and not done against them (yet)!

Check out the game here