Life Science
Incubator Leiden

Symposium: Partnering and Business Models in Precision Medicine

How will you get reimbursement for your precision medicine product or service? With whom do you work to bring it to the market and how do you navigate this partnership? Join the Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS program as startups, established companies, key opinion leaders as well as J&J experts in precision medicine discuss the unique challenges in developing precisionmedicine solutions.

16th of November | 11:00 – 18:00 | NH Hotel, Utrecht (or join online)

Providing a precision medicine solution to patients presents a unique set of challenges, especially for early Life Science companies. A key question is who will fund the innovation and what business model supports the implementation of such a revenue structure. In addition, you must deal with complex collaborations between the pharmaceutical industry, academia and government. Join startups, established companies, key opinion leaders and J&J experts in precision medicine as these unique challenges are discussed.

Early innovators, academic researchers and entrepreneurs can register using the button below. Of course, we also welcome stakeholders who support these startups!