Life Science
Incubator Leiden

TOPX Summit 2024: Closing the Gap

18th & 19th of January 2024 | Kadans Accelerator, Utrecht

This career empowering event aims to close the gap in Life Sciences & Health and is dedicated to propelling women to the top in Life Sciences & Health, fostering diversity and inclusivity within the industry.

With the mission to create a more diverse and inclusive top tier of professionals in the sector, TOPX Summit 2024 will focus on “Closing the Gap” in various fields. We will tackle critical issues such as closing the health gap between genders, addressing the gender pay gap, bridging the wealth disparity, fostering alignment in perspectives, and striving for leadership balance.

The programme, organised by and for ambitious women in Life Sciences, covered deep dive workshops, interactive discussions, personal stories and lessons learned, one-on-one speed dates and many networking moments.

Register before July 5th┬áto get the early-bird rate, and also receive the book “How Women Rise – Break the 12 Habits Holding you back” for free.