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Exploration of investment fund for MedTech startups in Leiden region launched

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship PLNT Leiden, Leiden Bio Science Park, the LEH and Life Science incubator unlock_ are exploring the need for an incubation program for medtech startups in the Leiden region. To this end, they have signed a letter of intent with accelerator

In the coming months, the parties will investigate the feasibility of an incubation/acceleration program for startups in the field of medtech, medical devices and e-health. At the same time, they are also looking at how the Seed Fund can invest in the Leiden startups.

Program and fund prepare startups for further growth and investment

The incubators of knowledge institutions annually produce hundreds of new startups that are of great value and impact on our economy and society. However, some of these startups do not survive, despite a promising startup phase. They struggle to raise investments in the early stages of technological invention. The Leiden parties hope that through this (international) collaboration with imec.istart these startups can be helped to get through this early phase and grow further.

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Strategic collaboration

PLNT, Leiden Bio Science Park Foundation, the LEH and unlock_ are seeking strategic cooperation with imec and imec.istart. The latter Belgian Research & Development hub has existed for more than 35 years and is known worldwide for innovations in nano and digital technology. Earlier this year, the company signed an agreement with Radboud University, Radboud UMC and University of Twente for imec.start: a new acceleration program in which tech startups can receive pre-seed funding and coaching. In the coming months, the Leiden parties will work with imec to further develop the plans to launch during 2023.


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