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During the unlock_ Incubation Program in May, the unlock_ startups were visited by experts from all the relevant fields. For the panel sessions about the needs and necessity of boards for a company, we were visited by Gerty Holla, Stefan Braam and Koenraad Wiedhaup.

Gerty Holla

Gerty is part of the Innovation Quarter team and spends her time scouting for and investing in promising companies, at times she partakes in a board as part of the investment agreement. Some of the companies in which she partakes in the advisory board are Innogenerics, Toxys, Ncardia and BGV.

Stefan Braam

Stefan Braam is the CEO and the face of Ncardia, a quickly growing company on the Leiden Bioscience Park. Ncardia is a stem cell drug discovery & development company operating worldwide and is a leading contract research organisation in human cardiovascular and neural stem cell drug discovery and cell & gene therapy, encompassing disease modeling, iPSC manufacturing and iPSC-based screening.

Koenraad Wiedhaup

And last but not least, Koenraad, founder and CEO of Leyden Labs. This recently formed biotech company aims to help people live their lives to the fullest by developing products that protect against known and future viruses. The Leyden Labs’ energetic team of world-renowned biotechnology veterans and fresh talent is dedicated to thinking differently to free humanity from the burden of respiratory viruses.

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