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As a startup or scale-up you often have different requirements and information than established companies. In addition, access to partnerships and new customers is important. Rabobank has therefore recently launched a single portal where you can find all the information and you can ask your questions about funding opportunities or how to how to enter into a partnership with Rabobank or their partners.

At you will find:

  • Inspiring stories of innovative companies
  • Information about funding opportunities that can help you further. Even if there are no proven results results, cash flow or paying customers.
  • Innovative Rabobank partners who can also strengthen your business¬†and with whom we can bring you in contact.
  • Information about the Startup Scale-up team of Rabobank
  • Insurance and retirement for startups and scale-ups
  • How you can innovate together with Rabobank
  • One contact form so that your question ends up with the right
    Rabobank advisor
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