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In the dynamic landscape of the healthcare industry, life science startups emerge at the forefront of innovation. The sector is booming, with an increasing number of startups launching every year.  At unlock_, we are dedicated to igniting the spark of inspiration among new life science startups. This month, we put the spotlight on a distinguished graduate from our 2022 Incubation Program: Hospital Hero.

What does Hospital Hero do?

Hospital Hero is on a mission to make hospital visits less intimidating for children and parents alike, with their ingenious Hospital Hero app. By transforming hospital experiences into a playful adventure, they’re turning every child into a confident and well-prepared Hospital Hero.

How Hospital Hero unlocked their startup

Charlotte Poot shares her experience about the unlock_ Incubation Program on behalf of Stichting Hospital Hero:

“Participating in the unlock_ Incubation Program has been a true journey that has propelled us forward in a way we had never envisioned. From the very beginning, the program has provided us with the necessary knowledge in business development, market research, intellectual property and entrepreneurship, laying the foundation for a successful business.

The program’s multi-faceted approach, which included masterclasses, tailored advice, mentoring, as well as collaborative sharing of challenges and achievements with fellow startups, has been instrumental in shaping our journey towards success. Being part of this program, alongside other startups has been a remarkable experience. Sharing our challenges and accomplishments created a dynamic ecosystem of support and learning.

Can you tell a little more about the master classes? 

“The masterclasses served as a rich source of knowledge and profound insights. Through interesting discussions with well-established entrepreneurs, they delved deeply into the complexities of entrepreneurship, equipping us with indispensable tools and strategies to navigate the challenging startup landscape.”

Why did you choose unlock_ Incubation? What makes this program different from others?

“What truly sets this program apart from other programs is the personalized advice and tailored mentoring we received. The mentoring was tailored to our specific needs and was instrumental in identifying and tackling our blind spots. Their unwavering support, constructive feedback, and willingness to invest their time and expertise in our venture were invaluable. It felt like having a dedicated team of advisors who were genuinely committed to our success.

Our most significant milestone during the program was spinning out from the university. The program provided us with the resources and knowledge necessary to make this leap with confidence. Today, we stand as an independent entity with a clear vision and a solid business plan.

Our participation in the Unlock_incubation program has been a transformative experience and has helped us to create a robust foundation upon which Stichting Hospital Hero now stands. If you have a startup dream, this program is the catalyst that can turn it into a reality.”

Are you ready to unlock_ your startup journey?

unlock_ is where Life Science and Health entrepreneurs, startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands crack open global health problems. At the Leiden Bio Science Park, we provide the startup support, structure, programs, network and the instruments you need to turn an idea into a solution. How can we help you?

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