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Three unlock_ Incubator startups secure NWO Take off 2 Grant

In a remarkable testament to the thriving Leiden Bio Science Park ecosystem, three startups from the unlock_ Incubation program community have received the NWO Take off 2 grant. Rapidemic, EXIT071, and Sencilia stand among the 10 recipients of this grant, solidifying their positions as pioneers in their respective fields.

An orange and grey logo with the word Rapidemic on it as part of the unlock_ community.

Rapidemic is developing a molecular point-of-care test for fast and accurate diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections.

EXIT071 is developing pioneering technology for the analysis of novel biomarkers exosomes. The grant will be used for further development and validation of their innovative technology for exosome isolation and biomarker analysis!

EXIT071 logo with the words Exosomes isolation tool as part of the unlock_ community.

Sencilia is working with nature-inspired flow sensing technology, Sencilia aim to improve patient safety as flow rate errors can be detected accurately and instantly. The grant assists with accelerating the development and validation of their unique IV infusion monitoring flow sensors to improve neonatal and pediatric patient safety in intensive care.

At unlock_, we are immensely proud to have these startups take part in our Incubation program. Congratulations to the teams behind Rapidemic, EXIT071, Sencilia, and all the inspiring entrepreneurs who continue to drive the frontiers of science and innovation. Together, we are unlocking a healthier future for humanity!

About the NWO Take off 2 Grant:

The NWO Take off 2 grant is awarded to founders of start-up companies associated with Dutch universities, recognized NWO research institutes, TO2 institutions, and Dutch universities of applied sciences. This program empowers these entrepreneurs by providing loan applications of up to 250,000 euros.

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