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Meet the unlock_ Incubation startups of 2021!

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The unlock_ startups all have one thing in common, they are striving for innovation in Life Sciences and Health. Meet all the startups of the unlock_ Incubation Program below!

Profile photo of Dimitar Tarev as part of unlock_ incubation program startup BioFlagz.

Bioflagz – Dimitar Tasev 

Bioflagz strives to provide tests which give a precise snapshot of your wellbeing and health quickly and conveniently at affordable price. Their products and services empower people to proactively manage their health.

Team photo of Doser as part of unlock_ incubation program startup.

DoserArjan van Unen, Niels Ouwerkerk, Wouter van Unen, Thomas de Boer

Doser ensures that patients receive more effective treatments with fewer side effects. They do this by developing a 3D printer that uses special technology to produce a customized pill for each patient. In this way, pharmacists can make personalized medication.

We are four people strong. Wouter and Thomas de Boer are our techies developing a 3D printer for commercial pills. Niels is our pharmaceutical expert with a wealth of experience: he ensures that everything we develop is pharmaceutically approved. Arjan van Unen is the entrepreneurial techie and does the business development together with Niels Ouwerkerk.

Profile photo of Yuliya Shakalisava as part of unlock_ incubation program startup EXIT071.

EXIT071 – Yuliya Shakalisava

Hi, I’m Yuliya and I have a PhD in analytical chemistry and 15 years of research, management and fundraising experience in Ireland, France and The Netherlands.

I am also the founder of EXIT071 (EXosomes Isolation Tool developed in Leiden) –  an innovative startup developing pioneering technology for the analysis of novel biomarkers: exosomes. Using exosomes makes diagnostics very specific. All cells in our body make exosomes to send messages to other cells. Cells pack these tiny bubbles with their own molecular information and excrete them into all body fluids – blood, urine and even tears!

Exosomes have a huge potential for non-invasive diagnostics and novel therapeutics. At EXIT071 we develop microfluidic technology that allows for the isolation and analysis of exosomes with high purity and in high-throughput, automated format. It will be used in diagnostic applications and in product development of exosome therapeutics.

Profile photo of Jan-Jaap Verhoef as part of unlock_ incubation program startup Imuno.

Imuno – Jan-Jaap Verhoef

At Imuno we combine the power of genetic sequencing and structural modeling to select cancer-specific epitopes – also known as neo-epitopes – on the cancer cell surface of a patient’s tumor. Our discovery platform can rapidly identify neo-epitopes that are truly unique, enabling Imuno to lead the way to design patient-specific immunotherapies.

A young man, Max from Panorama Laboratories, participating in a life science startup incubation program and working on new laboratory technology.

Panorama Laboratories – Maximillian Green, Jan Zender 

Research & Development standard operating procedures made easy! We use proprietary sensors and AI to automatically check whether individual SOP actions are executed correctly, without requiring any input from the technician.

Team photo of respiQ as part of unlock_ incubation program startup.

RespiQ – Mira Gleisberg and Vitalii Vorkov

RespiQ empowers people to take control of their health with validated health guidance they can trust. Their mission is to positively impact the health of millions by providing accurate, non-invasive and affordable technology for early detection of health issues, breath by breath. RespiQ’s handheld device checks your breath for biomarkers that are only present if your digestive system can’t digest a food type. It’s as simple as breathing.

Founded in 2019 by Mira Gleisberg and Vitalii Vorkov, RespiQ is developing proven technology that provides accurate, cost-effective breath testing at home. So far, they have been successfully building their product in very exotic locations. Their lab used to be in an underground garage and even once in a wardrobe!

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