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Meet the unlock_ team!

The unlock_ team is a varied bunch, with different background but they share a passion for entrepreneurship in the Life Science Health sector. Meet all the members of the unlock_team below!

Program Director – Stéfan Ellenbroek

With a background in Bio-pharmaceuticals and entrepreneurship, Stéfan was a perfect fit when he joined unlock_ in 2020. He was the person who originally envisioned the incubator and is now head of the program.

Why does he work at unlock_?

“I can’t imagine doing anything more fun and fulfilling than helping the starting entrepreneurs in Biotech to make sure they don’t repeat mistakes so many others have made before them”

Advice for future entrepreneurs?

Find out how the market works in this sector; who is the end-user, who will pay for the product and who are your competitors. There is no other sector where these questions are as hard to answer as in the LSH sector. At unlock_ we can help you kickstart your first steps toward these answers.

Project Manager – Henriëtte van Dam

Hands on, precise and critical thinker, Henriëtte provides the unlock_ team with her sharp insights but also keeps the team on track when it comes to delivering what they promise to the entrepreneurs. As part of the Leiden Bio Science Park organisation, she provides direct access to the ecosystem.

Why does she work at unlock_?

“By outlining the opportunities at the Leiden Bio Science Park, we can help startups on their way to successful entrepreneurship.”

Advice for future entrepreneurs?

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice & support, we all need it sometimes!

Program Manager – Ruben Habraken

Ruben is what happens when trainer meets producer… He’s the mind behind the first unlock_ Incubation Program, building upon his experience in his earlier years to create the exact circumstances to help young entrepreneurs grow!

Why does he work at unlock_?

“Setting up a life science startup comes with a set of additional challenges. But the impact they can make on the lives of people is big. With unlock_ we can create the support system needed so that more life science startups will succeed.”

Advice for future entrepreneurs?

Your technology is not the solution you sell. The first takes time to create, the second you need to validate from the start.

Program Manager – Dominique de Jong

Dominique makes sure that the entrepreneurs in our Incubation Program get access to the knowledge and support they need to get their company ready for the next phase.

Why does she work at unlock_?

In her previous role as a venture builder, she was always analyzing the commercial potential of various technologies in the LSH sector. She learned a lot from this, but her involvement in the projects stopped at the point when a CEO would be recruited to lead the newly created venture. Now in her role at unlock_, she can work with founders who are in this next phase, which is when things really get interesting and challenging.

Advice for future entrepreneurs?

Talk to lots of people. When you have a disruptive idea, count on a lot of questions and pushback. Keep the potential of your idea in mind but make sure you stay open to feedback. Listen to what stakeholders and experts are telling you.

Marketing and Communications – Fieke Koelemij

For all news and events, then Fieke is your person. She is up to date with all upcoming programs, events and workshops happening in the Leiden Bio Science Park.

Why does she work at unlock_?

“Immense growth is happening in the Leiden Bio Science Park and our startups are an important part of its development. To be able to communicate this progress and share moments of impact in Life Science and Health is something I love being involved in.”

Advice for future entrepreneurs?

Don’t be afraid to start, everyone has to start somewhere!

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