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Why Leiden and Science are Inseparable

Leiden is the city of science. Hidden behind the central station is a terrain of 110 hectare with over 60 science-based organisations established. This terrain, which is called the Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP), is the biggest life-science cluster in The Netherlands. It isn’t a surprise that Leiden is proclaimed the City of Science 2022!

This year, the entire city of Leiden is themed in science. The European City of Science is also a cooperation project between Leiden University, the LUMC, University of Applied Sciences Leiden and the municipality of Leiden. For 365 days, the city of keys offers a program filled with exhibitions, events and activities for all ages. The goal of this 10th edition is to bring science closer to the community and environment. Therein also lies the charm of this event. The program is built for the curious minds, whether you’re an international scientist, inquisitive kid or a hardworking student, everybody is welcome and can indulge in this theme.

Leiden University is an important link in the connection between Leiden and science. The University was founded in 1575 during the Eighty Years’ War and has been one of the leading institutes of science and research ever since. This makes Leiden proud of its scientific history,, which shows in the ‘City of Discoveries’. Through 27 information points divided over the city, everybody is able to learn about the scientific history of Leiden in a modern way. The city of keys is proud to present these educational walking routes filled with fun facts and information. For example, did you know that medical applications like heart films and MRI-scanners were developed in Leiden? And that the origin of the universe was first revealed in Leiden?

Internationally, Leiden has quite a reputation for its high-quality scientific research. Besides this, the LBSP contains some of the big scientific names like Janssen Vaccines and HALIX (the manufacturer of the AstraZeneca vaccine). The LBSP is loaded with starting entrepreneurs, researchers and students which are working intensively on medical innovations for the future. Think of vaccines, ground breaking hospital equipment and even machines that can measure and produce medication to the milligram. The latter is an interesting initiative. The company, Doser, has a ground-breaking invention in the medical industry through 3D printed medicine. With the help from unlock_ they have grown significantly within a year and have secured multiple funding.

This example shows that Leiden has been the epicentre of science and health for decades now. With inventions of the past and innovations for the future, Leiden stays frontrunner in The Netherlands for life sciences and health. It is worth the effort to take a look at Naturalis, Corpus or one of the educational walking routes through the city centre. Leiden is the capital of science, and that deserves to be celebrated!

Written by Collin Bikkers

Leiden city center of the water and windmill as part of why Leiden and Science are Inseparable.
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