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The 4 latest brilliant inventions in biotech

Developments in health and science are always interesting. Especially because it can help you when you need it. Recently, four companies have actually turned their idea into an innovation: EXIT071, RespiQ, Doser and Imuno Therapeutics. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight the remarkable inventions of these start-ups!


Nowadays, there are of course various methods for diagnosing diseases, such as biopsies, punctures and blood sampling. The big disadvantage unfortunately is that they penetrate tissue and damage it. EXIT071 has created a way to diagnose the disease just as precisely, without penetrating the patient’s body (non-invasive). Through so-called exosomes, particles that every cell in our body secretes, it is now possible to see whether someone has a disease and to what extent it has progressed. These particles can be found in, for example, saliva and urine.

EXIT071 logo with the words Exosomes isolation tool as part of the unlock_ community.


Another non-invasive health indicator has been devised by the company RespiQ. They have designed a device that can detect diseases from molecules in your breath. Certain diseases produce molecules or ‘biomarkers’ that subsequently enter the lungs through the bloodstream. The handheld breathalyser detects which biomarkers are present. Thanks to the breathalyser’s high sensitivity, it measures the slightest change in concentrations. This allows it to warn of emerging health problems even before symptoms exist. This means faster treatment. Another advantage is that people can use this themselves and in their own homes.


The next invention also takes an important step in the medical world. 3D printing of objects already existed of course, but Doser is taking it a few steps further. They are the brains behind 3D printed medicines. This allows everyone to receive personalised treatment, which means that fewer pills may be needed and people will experience fewer side effects. Moreover, the pills can be made in any shape and different colours and flavours. Very beneficial and especially convenient for the youngest patients.

Imuno Therapeutics

Last, but certainly not least, is the company Imuno Therapeutics. They focus on a more effective treatment of cancer with immunotherapy. This treatment method supports or activates the immune system to attack cancer cells. By even better visualization of what cancer cells look like on the cell surface, Imuno Therapeutics can develop medicines that recognise this surface and thus kill the cancer cells. In this way, they directly create and build a portfolio of targeted therapies. This can offer an improved life expectancy for patients with metastatic cancer.

To summarize; all these ingenious researchers are working on solving the most complex health problems of the modern world. Today’s technology offers the chance to create personalised treatment plans for an increasing number of diseases.

These four innovative ideas have developed into growing startups with the help of the year-long incubation programme of unlock_, based in Leiden. The programme covers all phases of entrepreneurship in the Life Sciences and Health sector and provides access to a vast network with many experienced entrepreneurs. The four startups will all settle in the Leiden Bio Science Park.

Written by Steven van Polanen
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