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unlock_ launches Market Access & Reimbursement program

Are you planning to raise your next investment round and/or are you creating your market access strategy, but you need to find out how reimbursement works in your target market? Apply now for the unlock_ Market Access & Reimbursement program from January-March or September-December 2023.

With the unlock_ Market Access & Reimbursement (MA&R) program we will support you in increasing your investor readiness level by:

  • Helping you understand the main elements of a MA&R strategy;
  • Help you understand and answer the critical questions that form the basis of your MA&R strategy, irrespective of the market that you are aiming for;
  • Understand how investors will evaluate your technology in terms of opportunities and obstacles to market adoption and market sizing.

Across three training days, you will work on building the skills and answering the most critical questions for your MA&R strategy. During the individual research track, you can choose a market of your choice. Together with experts from Hull Associates, you will map out how your technology fits in the local market and reimbursement system, and what your strategy needs to be in order to enter that market.

The costs of this program can be fully covered by the ZorgTech program voucher. Are you interested in the program or want to know more? View the program brochure and additional information here.

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