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Science meets society at the Naturalis LiveScience gallery with unlock_LiveScience. Unlock_LiveScience is a meeting place where you can connect with, contribute ideas to and learn all about the latest developments on biodiversity and research happening at the Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP).

About unlock_LiveScience

Through the collaboration of Life Science Incubator unlock_ and Naturalis, unlock_LiveScience brings together Naturalis and the companies at the LBSP with the visitors of Naturalis. In the beautiful, open-access, LiveScience gallery, everyone can contribute to and share knowledge on the science happening right here in Leiden.

Startups and companies, alongside the researchers from Naturalis, will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other and present their work through a variety of activities. These activities will strengthen the collaboration of companies in the park.

This can include:

  • An open and interactive¬†spotlight¬†where you share the latest knowledge, show your innovative research, and have a Q&A with the audience.
  • A demonstration of your work or equipment where the audience can really experience your research.
  • Putting your research or equipment on display in one of the LiveScience display cases to show the breakthroughs in research and innovation happening right here on the LBSP.
  • Special After Dark sessions tailored around a specific topic and audience based on your input.
Photos by Hielco Kuipers
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